Hefty GF Has Her Asshole Filled From Behind in POV


This bloke and his hefty GF feel like trying something new. With how slutty the fatty is, it is no wonder that they really have to dig deep to find some depraved act that they haven’t tried out yet. From bondage to cuckolding and everything in between, if there is fetish or kink you can think of, chances are, this shameless couple have tried it. But now they find themselves in a pickle, they have nearly run out of new lewd acts to try. And in a relationship that is completely built on keeping things fresh in bed, this is no good omen. Sure they enjoy each other’s company, occasionally. But the main draw here is sex and only sex, and neither of them is in denial about their relationship being so fragile. And so they ask themselves, is it really over if they cannot come up with an answer?

Doing his best to keep his hefty GF

Driven into a corner, the boyfriend must rack his brains and quickly find something to sate the chunky whore he is dating. Otherwise, he very well might lose her interest for good. And then he’ll have to spend who knows how many months or years trying to find another chunky lover who is as horny and immodest as his current one. Which is a really hard task, considering this chick is an insatiable nympho who needs a cock inside of her five time a day to feel remotely satisfied. And so he comes up with an idea. They have filmed multiple sex tapes before. And she has clearly taken it inside her back door many many times. She also loves it when he cums inside of her, regardless of which hole he is fucking. So why not combine all three of these previous experiences into one erotic session?